Corte Sermana


We are a family business and since 2009 we produce Lugana, a wine symbolizing the interaction between the Turbiana vine variety and Lake Garda.

Between Land and Lake

Corte Sermana is located in the southern part of Lake Garda. The winery takes its name from the Sermana stream, a natural border between Veneto and Lombardy which eventually flows into the lake.

Here we grow the native Turbiana varietal for the production of the Lugana wine.

Our vineyard is located only 15 meters from the lake. The characteristics of the soil and the particular microclimate lead to the creation of wines that are extremely fine, mineral and suitable for aging.

On our Territory for Three Generations

We are Nicolò and Filippo, two brothers born and raised in this area. Our logo represents the origin of our company.

In the 1960s, our family had a guinea fowl farming business. Even then we owned some vineyards, although viticulture was not our main activity.

Between 2001 and 2008, we decided to focus more on our vineyards. After enhancing our agronomic and oenological knowledge abroad,we officially launched our company in 2009.